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Altmetrics & Academic Social Media: Zotero

Create your "Library" of Citations & .PDFs

Sign up for Zotero by creating a new login.

Import your citations and .pdfs into your library.

Good to Know

Zotero is an open-source Citation Management tool

Zotero is free, with extra storage and features available for a fee

Zotero has a strong user community and forum

Zotero is a project of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University

From the Zotero Blog

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Features of Zotero Web, Desktop, & Mobile

Zotero is available via web, firefox extension, and new standalone desktop version. This short guide contains the best features of each.

Zotero Web

  • Access your profile and library online.
  • Friend colleagues and other Zotero users
  • Create, search for, and join private and public user groups.
  • Zotero Import Icon on browser address bar for Databases, Library Catalog, New York Times, and Amazon

Zotero Firefox Extension

  • Sync with your online library
  • See your folders and library displayed in a window at the bottom of your browser

Zotero Standalone

  • New version 4
  • Integrates with MS Word and other word processors
  • Can annotate .pdfs (must have Xpdf installed; find directions in the "Zotero Settings" menu in the "Settings" tab)
  • Sync with your online library

Zotero Mobile

  • Access your profile and library on your phone or device

Android Apps link For iPhones and iPads

How to Import

Zotero detects when you are looking at an article in a database, the New York Times, a book in the library catalog or at Click on the icon to add to your library.

Library Catalog:


Manual Add:

You can manually add items using the green plus button on the Zotero toolbar.

Zotero Video Tutorials