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Altmetrics & Academic Social Media: Google Citations

Features of Google Citations

Google Citations Allows You To:

Track citations to your publications

  • Check who is citing your publications.
  • Graph your citations over time.
  • Compute citation metrics.

View publications by colleagues

  • Keep up with their work.
  • See their citation metrics.

Appear in Google Scholar search results

  • Create a public profile that can appear in Google Scholar when someone searches for your name.

Good To Know

Google doesn't have access to everything.

Many databases do not allow Google to index their content.

Getting Started Guide

Creating Your Account

Go to Google Scholar Citations


1. If you already have a GMAIL account, log in with your username and password.

set up account


2.  Add Articles


3. Set up your profile (Public is preferred)

 4. Monitor Your  Metrics


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