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AI Research Tools for Literature Reviews

Director, Teaching & Learning

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Jess Williams
Alkek Library
(512) 408-1812


This guide is intended to introduce AI-assisted tools for completing literature reviews. 

  • This guide is not intended to cover every step of the literature review. To understand the purpose and process behind literature reviews, see Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students (9:35 minute Video, from NCState) and Learn how to write a review of literature (Steps and Examples from UW-Madison Writing Center). 
  • There are many, many more tools not included in this guide. Tools without the option of being freely available are not included. 
  • Use with caution and critical thinking. These tools are new and still in development. They are subject to bias. Though most tools listed in this guide rely on citation metadata and Natural Language Understanding/Machine Learning (rather than generated content), "hallucinations" or made-up references may still occur. Always double-check! 

Introductory Slides

AI Tools for Literature Reviews by TXST University Libraries