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RRC VIRTUAL EBOOK DISPLAY: RRC Library April 24 Virtual Display

This guide showcases electronic resources available through the University Libraries and beyond..

This Month's Theme


To search for other titles in the ebook format:

  1. Go to the Library Catalog 
  2.  Type search terms/title/author in the search box 
  3. Limit the Collection to Ebooks
  4. Click the search icon
  5. View the list of titles and make your selection!



Now with Bill Moyers : Azizah al-Hibri on interfaith dialogue / Public Affairs Television

By applying her deep knowledge of the Quran and the U.S. Constitution to issues involving democracy and women's rights, Azizah al-Hibri has been instrumental in nurturing an urgently needed interfaith dialogue both at home and abroad. In this program, Bill Moyers and Dr. al-Hibri explore her role as a bridge builder between Muslims and non-Muslims as she advocates conflict resolution through mediation, not violence. She also addresses Arab animosity toward the U.S., America's tarnished image in the eyes of many Middle Eastern countries, and the hijacking of Islam for political ends, using the 9/11 attacks as a powerful case in point.

Once upon a time Beirut, story of a star / directed by Jocelyne Saab

Distraught over their city's recent destruction during the Lebanese Civil War, Yasmine and Leila embark on a journey in search of Beirut's past glory. They carry with them two rare, unreleased film prints which help them land a meeting with the reclusive and eccentric film connoisseur, Monsieur Farouk. Through the magic of cinema, the three travel back in time on a mythical, history-laden tour of the city. Here, Once Upon a Time: Beirut shines as the travelers visit the Beirut of the French-directed films of the 1930s. Next they explore the Beirut of the 1960s as seen through the sense of Arab filmmakers and finally they visit the Beirut of the large-scale American studio efforts of the 1970s.

Swank Digital Campus

A selection of feature films from well-known studios such as MGM, Miramax, United Artists, Columbia Pictures, and Dreamworks.


 icon for the podcast True Talk True Talk

True Talk focuses on the Middle East and the Muslim world. The show also discusses issues that Muslims face world wide, as well as for American Muslims who are seeking to live as peace-loving Americans in a nation that often has only seen stereotypical portrayals of Islam.

icon for podcast Obnoxiously Pleasant Obnoxiously Pleasant

An Arab American podcast where we share our love of Arab culture, food, and everything in between.This is an apolitical podcast with a focus on having great conversations and a good laugh.

icon for podcast FannBoy Friday  FannBoy Friday with Shahjehan Khan

A weekly podcast of bite-sized interviews, hosted by actor, musician, and producer Shahjehan Khan in partnership with the Fann database for Muslim creative projects.

10 Best Arab American Podcasts

Please Note:  The podcasts listed are not resources held by the University Libraries.  There is no guarantee that the resources will be available or accessible to all users. Nor does the University Libraries endorse any views expressed during the podcasts.  


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