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The Riot Grrrl Movement: Punk Rock, Feminism, & DIY Culture: Home

This guide corresponds to the August 2019 Library Exhibit about the Riot Grrl Movement

What is Riot Grrrl?

Riot Grrrl was a movement in the 90’s that sought to create space for women who felt unseen in the music and arts industry. Riot Grrrl started a “Do It Yourself” style that produced more independent music, zine circulation, and indie record labels (Chainsaw and Kill Rock Stars). Collaborations from the Riot Grrrl era continue even today. Famous bands such as Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney have recently resurged in popularity with their unconventional sounds and wailing, relatable lyrics. The spirit of Riot Grrrl is very much alive today, sparking conversations about intersectional feminism as the fight for social justice and equality continues. Check out the library’s collection of materials about Riot Grrl which includes a book of Riot Grrrl zines that were handmade and distributed during the 90’s. Feel inspired to create your own music and art using Alkek Library’s video and music recording technology which will be unveiled in 2020. In the meantime, listen to our Riot Grrrl Music suggestions and learn more about zines by clicking on the next tab titled "Zines Exhbit & Finding Zines" by Tara Smith.