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Social Work Research

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These tutorials will help you improve your research skills and assist you in every step of the research process. You'll be able to interact and engage with the content as you learn. If any of the content is confusing or not working as it should, feel free to use the "I Am Confused" button at the bottom right of the activity box so that we can fix it.

Research Steps

Literature Review: (1) Include at least 10, peer-reviewed journal articles (2) A comparison and contrast of previous research and research findings based on categories identified by you. (3) Indicate detail of your contribution to the body of literature. a) How will you build on the current knowledge base? b) Identification of the gaps in previous literature that you are going to address with your research. Be clear on how your research will fill those gaps. (4) Theoretical framework (systems, strengths perspective, attachment, etc.), as applicable in this section (5) Hypothesis(es) (as appropriate); clear, concise, and matches research questions and research topic. 

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Research questions


The correlation between financial instability (due to COVID-19 or otherwise) and academic success among high school students.

How does financial instability impact the academic success of high school students?


Discrimination against Latinx immigrants in seeking or receiving healthcare

Is there a correlation between linguistic discrimination and physician trust among Latinx immigrants seeking healthcare?


Mental and Behavioral Health Settings 

How do different organizations (i.e government run/non-profit-for profit) evaluate client progress


Technology Addiction Treatment 

How does losing access to technology during treatment effect the mental health of clients with technology addiction over a 3 month period?


The challenges older youth are encountering as they transition out of the foster care system in Texas. 

How does transitioning out of the system affect an older youth's wellbeing in Texas? 


Do restorative justice practices implemented in high school impact recidivism rates of disadvantaged adolescents?


Failure of sexual violence cases to reach the prosecution stage

What law enforcement agency related protective factors increase the likelihood of a sexual offense case reaching prosecution?

Law Enforcement Protective Factors:

  • Presence of advocate
  • Court-appointed lawyer vs. private attorney 
  • Organizational factors (timeliness of initial response, evidence collection, language used by the officer, etc.)


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