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SOCI 5383: Seminar on Aging: Web Resources

Government Information

Please use these Government Information Guides below:

Census GovInfo Guide

Information Literacy Standards

Information Literacy Standards for Anthropology and Sociology Students

Information literacy standards will eventually be rewritten to align more with the Framework for Information Literacy adopted by ACRL in 2016.

ANSS Instruction and Information Literacy Committee

Information about how the standards were developed and other resources.

Suggested Websites

Free Resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods
This site links to free online books, manuals, and articles on how to do social research, including surveys, interviews, and observations.

Global Social Change Research Project

Use this site to access World Social Change reports as well as reports about long term changes in political, economic, and social systems.

Social Sciences Resources on the Internet Public Library
Use this list to find internet resources by social science topic.