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CJ 4331. Serial Murder: Web Resources

About this page

The websites listed below are used for finding crime and statistics from state, federal and international sources. I've also linked to other relevant library guides. If you know of a website not listed here, let me know.

Suggested Websites

Bureau of Justice Statistics

To collect, analyze, publish, and disseminate information on crime, criminal offenders, victims of crime, and the operation of justice systems at all levels of government. These data are critical to federal, state, and local policymakers in combating crime and ensuring that justice is both efficient and evenhanded.

European Sourcebook of Crime Statistics

The European Sourcebook Group is a group of experts that produces on a regular basis the European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics.

Institute for Criminal Justice Studies

The Mission of the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies (ICJS) is to develop and deliver evidenced-based prevention and intervention strategies designed to detect and deter criminal, violent, or terrorist related acts or threats. ICJS is a program within the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) and together with other TxSSC programs develop curricula and provide trainings for crime prevention and law enforcement personnel throughout Texas in accordance with Chapter 37.205

Criminal Justice Resources from Michigan State University

Very comprehensive list of resources on all sorts of CJ related topics

NCJRS (National Criminal Justice Reference Service

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) is a federally funded resource offering justice and drug-related information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide.

National Archive for Criminal Justice Data

NACJD is primarily sponsored by agencies within the U.S. Department of Justice. Each of our federal sponsors (Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Institute of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice& Delinquency Prevention and Bureau of Justice Assistance) provides data collections to the archive, funds secondary analysis of criminal justice data, and sponsors educational workshops on quantitative methods of criminal justice research through NACJD.

Government Information

A wealth of criminal justice research, including statistics, is available from the U.S. Government and State of Texas. Ask for assistance with government information research at the 4th floor Government Information desk or you can also use this Research Guide

You can also search Government databases. There are a few specialty databases on the 4th floor:

Census 2010

Census 2000

GPO Access

MarciveWeb DOCS — Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (beginning with July 1976)

STAT-USA — Subscription service available only in the Gov-Info area on the 4th floor.

USA Trade Online — Subscription service only in the Gov-Info area on the 4th floor.

Additional Resources