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Black Lives Matter: Anti-Racist Resources

Non-racist vs. Anti-Racist and White Privilege

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Ethnic Studies- A scholarly Conversation

Scholars and others interested in exploring the role of various  ethnic groups in society have been  engaging in conversation and writings about ethnicity for decades.  This field of research is usually called "Ethnic Studies".  

The library has  many resources supporting this area of study, below are some which provide background and overview of the field, as well as references to sources of further research.  

African American Studies @ Texas State

The African American Studies minor (AAS) at Texas State provides an interdisciplinary course of study that focuses on the Black experience in the United States and throughout the African diaspora. The  central mission of the program  is to prepare students to critically understand, conduct research, and interpret the complex histories, societies, and cultures of people of African descent.

The African American Studies guide to related resources may provide additional research suggestions.