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Scholars Task Force Resources: John Garland Flowers

Flowers Oral History Interview Recordings

President Flowers was interviewed by Bruce Roach, head of College News Service, in 1964.

On the eve of Dr. Flower's retirement, he reflected on his presidency in a 3 part oral history interview.  

Integration is not mentioned but, the interviews provide a good overview of Flowers and his philosophies and contributions to education.  

These interviews are available via Mediaflo,, transcripts of interviews available below.  

Note:  There is only a transcript for part 3 (June 10,1964) tape was lost before being sent to University Archives.  

Flowers interview, part 1:

Flowers interview, part 2:

Oral History

Articles & Documents on Dr. Flowers


Faculty Assembly Meetings & Other Documents of the College

The faculty met with Dr. Flowers on a regular basis during his presidency.   The minutes of these meetings (Called the Faculty Assembly, which is different from Faculty Senate) are housed in the Flowers papers in the University Archives..  Box 7 Folder 11 contains the minutes for meetings held 1961-1963.  

The Minutes below highlight statements by Dr. Flowers to the faculty 1962-1963 with respect to integration of the college. 

Flowers Hall


SA San Marcos Record article 9/24/64