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Scholars Task Force Resources: Desegregation at SWT

Additional Information

See the "Laws & Regents Resources" tab above for additional information on the laws and the court case surrounding integration at the college.  

Faculty Assembly Meetings & Other Documents of the College

The faculty met with Dr. Flowers on a regular basis during his presidency.   The minutes of these meetings (Called the Faculty Assembly, which is different from Faculty Senate) are housed in the Flowers papers in the University Archives..  Box 7 Folder 11 contains the minutes for meetings held 1961-1963.  

The Minutes below highlight statements by Dr. Flowers to the faculty 1962-1963 with respect to integration of the college. 

Images Of Students Registering & Pedagog Photos

First of 34 photos in series  taken by college news service when students registered Monday Feb. 4th, 1963

Last 3 photos in series are from 1963-1964 Yearbook (Pedagog) 

1964 Pedagog (Yearbook) Smith, Dana Jean

1964 Pedagog (Yearbook) Hoodye, Georgia

1964 Pedagog (Yearbook) Odom, Gloria

Desegregation at SWT

The history of desegregation at Texas State (then known as Southwest Texas State College) is mentioned in a variety of university publications, but the event was not documented in detail.  The following resources are in the University Archives and are provided here for convenience.  Note that there are no original sound recordings or movie/video recordings related to this event.

Articles from the College Star re: Integration of SWT

NOTE: Articles are copyright protected; the copyright remains with the University Star (the successor of the College Star).

Newspaper Databases & Other Resources

There are a number of other historical resources available beyond the Texas State campus that may be useful when conducting research.  This is a short list of select sites that have information related to Hays County, San Marcos, and our campus.