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PS 5338 American Political Discourse: Web Resources

A few useful websites

  • Constitution Finder
    This is a nice site for finding state and foreign country constitutions.
  • Europa
    EUROPA is the portal site of the European Union.
  • FindLaw
    Use this site to identify codes and case law. Also note that the library provides access to many databases with this detailed infromation (click on the database tab above for full listing)
  • Follow The Money
    Follow The Money discloses the campaign finances of candidates for state office. This web site also provides “research and reports” that offer insight into which interest groups are concern with a specific issue.
  • OpenCRS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Open CRS provides access to publicly available reports on topics relevant to current events.
  • United Nations
    You may find this site helpful when researching matters of foreign affairs.