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HIST 4304 "Riddles of Rome": Find Books & Films

Dr. Duffy, Fall 2023

Search Terms


Listed below are search terms for you to use when searching for resources about Rome.

  • "Ancient Rome"
  • "Rome" or "Romans"
  • "Eternal City"
  • "Roman Republic"
  • "Democracy"
  • "Etruscans"
  • "Romulus"
  • "Remus"
  • "Tiber River"
  • "Roman Forum"
  • "Colosseum"
  • "Plebs" or "Plebeian"
  • "Roman Empire"

Library of Congress Classification: DE & DG

Books about Italy & the Greco-Roman world are located in the stacks under DE & DG. For details about specific call numbers (sub-classified by period, criticism, collections, individual authors, etc.) see the document below.

Free Audiobook

A pivotal text for ancient Rome scholars, you can now download and listen to Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire for free! Click on the link below.

Books from other libraries

If you are interested in books which are not owned by the Alkek Library, they can be requested via our Interlibrary Loan service and we will borrow them from another library.  This is a free service available to current Texas State Students, Faculty, Staff.  NOTE:  This process takes 7-10 days for books. 

To request a book, open our  ILLIAD link for interlibrary loan and fill out the online request form.

If you have not used the service before, just click near the bottom of the page at the "First time users" link to set up your free account. 

 WorldCat  is a database to look at to find out which libraries own books that might not be available in the Alkek Library.  Use the "request this item via ILL" link in each record to generate an ILL request to Texas State.



Loeb Classics

Image from Loeb  Classics website

LOEB: Ancient history, with its paucity of sources, is unusually dependent on the writings of ancient Greek and Roman authors which have survived to our present, sometimes only in fragments. While reading them in their original languages is superior, for the rest of us, “[t]he Lobe Classical Library has been a mainstay of anglophone Classics for many years."  Long a familiar mainstay of library collections in its iconic undersized hardback editions (“Red for Romans/Green for Greeks”), it has now been digitized.  For more information see : Helma Dik, “Review Essay: On First Looking into the Digital Loeb Classical Library.” Classical Journal 11, 4 (Apr.-May 2015): 493.

 Alkek has the full digital collection here.

Library also owns print copies, check the online catalog for specific titles.  


Select Monographs (Books) from Library Catalog


Campbell, Brian, The Romans and their World. Yale UP, 2011, [link].  

Flower, Harriet I. Roman Republics. Princeton UP, 2010, [link].  

Hölkeskamp, Karl-Joachim, Reconstructing the Roman Republic: An Ancient Political Culture and Modern Research, tran. Henry Heitmann-Gordon. Princeton UP, 2010, [link] 

Hoyos, Dexter, ed. A Companion to Roman Imperialism. Brill, 2013, [link].  

Isaac, Benjamin. The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity. Princeton UP, 2004, [link].  

Leonhardt, Jürgen, Latin: Story of a World Language, trans. Kenneth Kronenberg. Harvard UP, 2013, [link].  

Mattingly, David J. Imperialism, Power, and Identity: Experiencing the Roman Empire. Princeton UP, 2014, [link]. 

Nelson, Eric. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Roman Empire. Alpha, 2002, [link]. 

Potter, David S., ed. A Companion to the Roman Empire. Blackwell Pub., 2006, [link]. 

Rantala, Jussi, ed. Gender, Memory, and Identity in the Roman World. Amsterdam UP, 2019, [link].  

Rosenstein, Nathan. Rome and the Mediterranean 290 to 146 BC: The Imperial Republic. Edinburgh UP, 2012, [link].  

Steel, Catherine, The End of the Roman Republic 146 to 44 BC: Conquest and Crisis. Edinburgh UP, 2013, [link]. 

Taylor, Donathan, Roman Republic at War: A Compendium of Battles from 498 to 31 BC. Pen & Sword Military, 2017, [link].  


Streaming Films Available From Library

“Ancient Roman Military across Time.” Video Education America, 2018, [link] 

“Ancient Rome-The Rise and Fall of an Empire: Caesar,” BBC, 2006, [link] 

“Ancient Theatres of Greece and Rome,” King's College London, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, 2005, [link] 

“Byzantium: Tale of Three Cities. Episode one, From Byzantium to Constantinople.” BBC Worldwide Ltd., 2013, [link] 

“Carthage: Engineering an Empire,” A&E Television Networks, LLC., 2006, [link] 

“Cyber Rome,” Video System Project, 2006, [link] 

“Frontiers of the Roman Empire, Germany,” The Limes/Global Screen, 2007, [link] 

“Gladiators-The Brutal Truth,” BBC, [link] 

“Hannibal Barca Against Rome,” Balanga, 2019, [link] 

“History’s Ancient Legacies. Hadrian’s Wall,” Cromwell Productions, [link] 

“How the Romans Changed the World,” ZDF, 2014, [link] 

“Pompeii: Daily Life of the Ancient Romans,” Istituto Luce, 2007, [link] 

“Rome: Engineering an Empire,” History Channel, 2005, [link] 

“Second Punic War,” Video Education America, 2018, [link] 

“The Roman Empire in North Africa,” Cromwell Films, 2001, [link] 

“Underground Rome: World Hidden for Centuries,” Off the Fence Productions, 2008, [link]