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REL 4388 - Demonology, Possession, and Exorcism : 6: Refine Results

Refine your Search

Step 6: Once you have a list of results, use tools in Start Your Research (or the database of your choice) to refine your search.

  • Use the "Refine Results" column on the left to narrow your search.
  • An explanation of some of the tools the database has to help you are listed below.

Date slider, Academic

Below the Limit To checkbox is the Publication Date slider and the the Source Types checkbox to easily limit your Peer Reviewed results to only Academic Journal articles published within the last 5 years.


Use the Subject to choose those terms that are most descriptive of what you're looking for.  Want to see the entire list?  Click on the blue "Show More" at the bottom of either list, and you'll get the entire list. in a pop up box.

Original list:                                                                    Pop-up full list:

Language, Geography, etc...

Click on any of the other boxes at the bottom of the left column and you can further limit your search by language, methodology, the type of test used or even the population of test subjects.