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National Library Week 2024

This guide celebrates and highlights National Library Week.

Why Academic Libraries Are Important?

Academic libraries serve colleges and universities, their students, staff, faculty, and community members. They are integral and serve as vital information, learning, and research hubs that support academic endeavors and advocate innovation across various disciplines.  They are important because they can lead the way in enabling student success and help students get the most out of their college or university experience.  Academic libraries have a huge impact on students who are trying to successfully navigate their academic journeys and graduate with their degrees.  

An article featured in the American Libraries Magazine lists ten reasons libraries are still better than the internet: 

  1. Libraries are safer spaces.
  2. Libraries respect history.
  3. Librarians digitize influential primary sources.
  4. Librarians are leaders in increasing online access to scholarly information.
  5. Librarians are publishers.
  6. Libraries host makerspaces.
  7. Librarians can help you sort the real news from the fake.
  8. Librarians guide you to exactly what you need.
  9. Librarians do not track your reading or search history to sell you things.
  10. Librarians do not censor.  

Academic libraries are leaders in evolving and adapting towards changes in ways, in order to accommodate library users’ needs and expectations. Academic libraries enable, empower, and encourage innovation, discovery, exploration, and creativity.