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Collection Development Guide: Theatre & Dance: Selection Criteria

This guide provides collection development information to Theatre & Dance faculty and faculty representatives. (Fund code 34).

Selection Criteria

We will purchase material at the Instructional level (2) in support of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts Undergraduate Programs in Theatre & Dance in the concentrations listed below:

BA & BFA Theatre concentrations:

BFA in Acting, Musical Theatre, Design & Technology, and All Level Teacher Certification.

BFA Dance concentrations:

BFA in Dance Studies, Performance and Choreography, Pedagogy (single field), and Pedagogy (double field).

The department allocation will also purchase material at the Research Level (3) for the library’s collection in support of the Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts Graduate Program and faculty in the concentrations listed below:

MA & MFA Theater concentrations:

MA and MFA Directing, MA Theatre History, Dramatic Criticism, & Dramaturgy, and MA Playwriting.