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Collection Development Guide: Management: Program Purpose and Description

Program Mission

To educate students to become successful managers in a dynamic business world. To accomplish this mission, faculty balance effective teaching with scholarly activities and also engage in professional service. The faculty will continuously strive for quality in all activities to help prepare students for leadership roles in private and public organizations and to develop and promote the field of management scholarship.       

The Library will purchase material at the Instructional level (2), for the library’s collection in support of the following degreed programs:       

  1. MBA, Business Administration, thesis or non-thesis program
  2. MBA, Business Administration, with a concentration in Health Care Administration
  3. BBA, major in Management, with a concentration in entrepreneurial studies. 
  4. BBA, major in Management, with or without teacher certification.                                                                                                     

The department will also purchase Management related material in support of the Latin American Business Certification Program at the Instructional level (2), and will purchase material at the Research level (3) for the library in support of the Management dept. faculty research.

Business Librarian