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PACE Career Guide: Job Hunting Tips

This guide outlines specific search strategies and library resources to assist students in exploring careers to support the Personalized Academic Career Exploration for incoming freshmen.

Dressing For Work

Researching career opportunities

Looking for a job is hard work. Most successful job hunters use information to their advantage. Researching industries, job related sources and companies including competitors can really make the difference between a good interview and a GREAT one.

Invest some time in your future by researching the industries, jobs, and companies where you'd like to work. It can make a big difference!

Research Databases for Job Hunting

Discover Local and National Businesses

This tutorial shows you how to identify custom types of businesses by any location you select.

Where Should I Go?

Simply Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to identify communities where your skills would be a good fit. This tutorial focuses more on choosing one location and learning about it.

Part II (see below) teaches you to combine custom parameters and then see which locations fit those parameters.