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Collection Development Guide: Sociology: Selection Criteria

This guide provides collection development information to Sociology faculty and faculty representatives.

Selection Criteria

General Selection Criteria 

Library will purchase material at the Instructional level (2) for the library’s collection in support of the following degreed programs: 

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a major in Sociology
  2. Bachelor of Science (BS) with a major in Applied Sociology

The department allocation will also purchase material at both the Instructional level (2) and Research level (3) for the following degreed programs: 

  1. Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology
  2. Masters of Science (MS) with a Major in Applied Sociology
  3. Masters of Science (MS) with a Major in Dementia & Aging Studies
  4. Masters of Science (MS) with a Major in Sustainability Studies

The department allocation will also purchase material at the Research level (3) for the library in support of the Sociology dept. faculty research. 

Specific Selection Criteria 

Collection efforts will concentrate on, but are not limited to the following areas: 

  • Sociology: General & Theoretical
  • Social psychology
  • Social history, social problems, social reform
  • Family, Marriage, Women: sexual life, women, feminism, life skills
  • Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.
  • Clubs including freemasons, religious societies, ethnic societies, political societies, boy scouts
  • Communities: including classes, races, urban & rural
  • Social pathology: social and public welfare, criminology, social service, charities, protection, degeneration, substance abuse, drug habits
  • Criminology, crimes and offenses, criminal justice administration
  • Penology; including police, prisons, punishment and reform, juvenile delinquency
  • Socialism, communism, anarchism, Utopias
  • Latino Studies