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Collection Development Guide: Journalism & Mass Communication: LC Collection Range

This guide provides collection development information to Journalism & Mass Comm faculty and faculty representatives.

Library of Congress Call Number Areas

Subject Call Number Collecting Level
  Public Relations, Management   HD59-59.6   2,3
  Advertising   HF5801-6182.2   2,3
  Communication, Mass Media   HM1206-1211   2,3
   Social Influence HM 259   2,3
  Public opinion HM 261   2,3
  Public Relations, publicity, propaganda HM 263   2,3
  Interpersonal relations. Social Behavior HM1106-HM1171   2,3
  Social Influence, social pressure HM1176-HM1281   2,3
  Public Relations, Social Psychology   HM1221   2,3
  Publicity, Propaganda, Public Opinion   HM1226-1236   2,3
  Communication in Politics   JA85-85.2   2,3
  Public Relations, Propaganda, Government Publicity   JF1525.P8   2,3
  Mass Media, Press law KF2750   2,3
  Law of Telecommunications  KF2761-KF2765   2,3
  Philology. Linguistics   P1-1091   2,3
  Communication, Mass Media   P87-96   2,3
  Journalism. The periodical press, etc   PN4699-5650   2,3
  Broadcast Journalism   PN4784.B75   2,3
  Telecommunication   TK5101-5105.9   2,3