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Collection Development Guide: Psychology: Allocation & Ordering Forms


Each year, the money allocated to the Alkek Library for building collections and acquiring materials is divided among the many departments on campus. Working together with the faculty, the library staff strives to build collections that support the teaching and research needs of both faculty and students. This guide is designed for faculty to provide information about the process and helpful links to make it easier.

Allocation & Ordering Information

Fiscal Year    2021
Allocation — $25,191.11
Librarian Liaison  — Tricia Boucher
Faculty Representative  —

Target Dates:
 One third of department's allocation must be spent by each of the following dates:

1. November 15 $16,794
2. March 15 $  8,397
3. June 15 $          0


Check the Library Catalog before submitting an Order Request Form.
Review what has been ordered in the current fiscal year (FY21) for your department/44.