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MKT 3350: Consumer Behavior: Suggested Databases

Video Databases

Academic Video Online - Among other subjects, includes Business and Economics Video Online.

Business and Economics Video Online - Marketing, sales, finance, macro & microeconomics, personnel management, logistics & operations, strategy, negotiations, theory, cross-cultural issues, social media marketing, ethics, project management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Journal Articles and Business News

Companies, products, business conditions, trends, corporate strategies, management techniques, accounting & auditing, banking, data processing, economics, finance, management, health care, human resources, insurance, marketing, advertising, real estate & telecommunications.

Many full text articles, some full text proceedings. Investment, industry, company, & market research reports. Case studies, company profiles, & financial data.

Great articles on issues in advertising, marketing and how cultures hear messages in media.

Industry Analysis, Consumer Profiles and More

Gallup Brain contains decades worth of polls on opinion, consumption, social attitudes, time use and economic behavior as well as other relevant marketing attitudes.

Database that contains demographic and lifestyle data for marketers. Research consumer markets, psychographic information, and demographics of counties and designated metropolitan areas. Also contains information on buying patterns. Useful for market research, researching the viability of a new business, estimating sales, and social research.

MarketLine features 10,000 company, 3,000 industry and 100 country profiles. Company profiles include company description, history, products, competitors and key employees. Industry profiles include segmentation, competitive landscape, leading companies and forecasts. Country profiles include economic performance, potential development and business environmental analysis.

Presents comparative business statistics. Arranged by four-digit SIC code, each entry features a descriptive title; data and market description; a list of producers/products along with their market share; and cites original sources.

Full-text market research reports, tailored for the academic community. Business topics range from Beverages to Water Management.

This database requires individual registration before access. Click on “Register for a FREE Account” and follow the instructions. An email with an activation link will ONLY be sent to a Texas State email address. The MRI+ database provides summary tables of key audience and product usage data from a national probability sample of 27,000 households. Please see the MRI Internet User Guide for help or watch our YouTube video

The Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database) is an online database offering intelligence on countries, markets, companies, consumers and lifestyles. It contains more than 1 million country, market and lifestyle statistics 4,500 market research reports, global reports, country reports, company reports, market share and brand share rankings and 3,000 company profiles. Data are comparable across countries, years and data type. The historic and forecast data enable you to build detailed country profiles and analyse trends from1977-2016.

This database features economic demographics for local areas, as well as market share and psychographics. 

Online collection of SRDS publications Consumer Magazine Advertising Source, Lifestyle Market Analyst, Newspaper Advertising Source, Radio Advertising Source, Out-of-Home Advertising Source, Interactive Advertising Source, and TV and Cable Source.

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