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BA 5351: Organizational Performance for Competitive Advantage: Finding Better Articles

Dissertation Databases: Check Out Bibliographies!

Wouldn't it be great if you could read other people dissertations (at other schools) for their bibliographies and works cited?

Dissertations and Theses Full Text (read PHDs and Master's Degrees for style, content and their bibliographies)

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews Yearly reviews of the significant research in most subjects.

Identify Influential Articles

Usually, the most cited articles in a field are the most influential.

Go to an Citation Analysis database (different ones for different disciplines). 


Impact Factor: Is This Journal Important?

The impact factor is a measurement of how influential a journal title is by measuring citations. Detailed explanation here.

Here's how you get the impact factor.

Go to an ISI Citation Analysis database (different ones for different disciplines).

After you find a citation, look over to the right.

Which then takes you to this screen.