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ARTS 2391: Watercolor I & II: Photography

A course guide to library research resources for studio art students in Watercolor I & II

Current Photography Magazines/Journals

Current Photography Journals in the Library

If you want to browse the paper or print photography journals, here is list of some Photo journals and magazines in the library. The current issues, past 1-2 years, are shelved alphabetically by title on the 3rd floor. Some may be not current anymore but most should be.

The older issues up to 1960 are shelved by call number on the 3rd floor. Issues older than 1960 are shelved on the floor the call number is normally on. For photography this would be the TRs or sometimes they are in the Ns.Some of these are also available online. The catalog record will tell you if it is.


Current Photography Journals in the Wittliff Collections

Some of the books, magazines, or other materials you find in the library catalog will be located in the Wittliff Southwestern & Mexican Photography Gallery on the 7th floor of the library. This is a great resource for original photographs in exhibits and in the archives and photobooks. If you see a book in the catalog that is located here, ask them if you can look at it in their reading room. If you want to look at photographs by particular photographers in their collection, just ask!

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