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Coloring: Stress Relief in an Academic Library: Usage Stats

This guide is for the Texas Library Association's District 3 Fall Meeting on October 7, 2016 breakout presentation by Megan Ballengee and Liz Sisemore.


After a successful coloring pilot held on the main floor of Alkek Library, Megan reached out to Liz to see if there would be a way to incorporate some of the coloring pages created by governmental departments into the next Finals Week coloring activity. Both of us manage different service points, located on different floors of our large 7 floor library, and decided to give it a try!

Usage statistics were taken throughout each coloring page set-up. We did this by writing the number of reprints on the back of each folder. At the end of the event those numbers were totaled, remaining pages were subtracted, and our final number was reached. Each page design was tracked to determine which were most popular.

After-event reports

We've learned it's best to do an official write-up of events at Alkek Library. Not only is it a great way to report to our supervisors and the University Librarian, but it also gives us information to look back on when we develop new programs and determine where to expand services. Usage statistics provided us the documentation we needed to secure funding for the new coloring pencil/sharpener combo giveaway items.

Usage data

Spring 2015
Introduction of coloring pages!
269 coloring pages used over 8 days

Fall 2015
Expanded to include Government Information Service point and added puzzles (sudoku, crosswords)
2nd Floor: 644
4th Floor: 111
Total: 755 over 4 days

Spring 2016
2nd Floor: 445
4th Floor: 160
Total: 605 over 7 days

Fall 2016
2nd floor: 396
4th floor: 190
Total: 586 over 10 days

Spring 2017
2nd floor: 163
4th floor: 171
Total: 334 over 8 days