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MGT 4380: Compensation Management.: Company Financials

Help With Financials

Sure, you know how to find raw financial numbers but what if you need help figuring out what they actually mean?

There are a lot of helpful books for that.

They are located on the fifth floor:

Browse the HG4028.B area here (includes e-books) note: start with about #10 when you get there

Also helpful: Corporations - valuation


SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. These are to-the-point summaries of a specific company's state of existence.

Recommended databases:

Business Source Complete
Marketline Advantage
ABI Inform (search as keywords your company and SWOT)


Passport GMID (there are SWOTs inside, but they are very hard to find).

Research a Company's Financials

Research company financials from public and private companies in our pro-grade databases.

Standard and Poor's

Valueline - Basic financials plus analyst recommendations. 

Company Financials

Industry Reports

HINT: Risk Factors and Business Plans

Another way to get SWOT-type information:

  1. Read 10-K risk factors for analysis: The companies themselves will write risk factors in their annual report.  Annual reports are available on the company's internet site, through the SEC's Edgar database. The relevant section is 10-K 1A "Risk Factors." 
  2. Read S-1 forms for your business plan ideas: When a company sells stock for the first time, it must file a s-1 form with the SEC. This form explains how the company will make money - its business plan!

Quickest way to do this: Go to EDGAR (the SEC database):

  1. Search Most Recent Filings
  2. Limit to S-1 Form 3. Avoid the S-1/A (amendment forms) and read S-1s all day.

Now, one thing you can also do is go to the Edgar advanced search screen and type in a keyword (insurance, computers, etc.) and s-1. This should get you closer to browsing S-1 plans in your field.