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MC 4321: News Writing & Reporting II: Databases

This guide is for Professor Fox's MC 4321 News Writing & Reporting II course.

Why should I use a library database?

Databases are an efficient search tool when you're conducting research because they enable you to search multiple topics and various formats simultaneously. 

Visit the Research Databases page to access more databases available through Alkek Library.

Start your research

This database (located on the main library website in the large search box) combines the library catalog with several of the most commonly used databases. This search is provided by EBSCO and serves as an efficient starting place for research. If your search results are not as relevant to your topic as you would like, try utilizing Research Databases. 

Full Text Finder locates the full text of an article by checking other databases besides the one you are currently searching. Some students assume this means Alkek Library does not have access to an article. That is not true. If you get taken to a page without the full-text, follow the directives on the page to try a different way to access the article.

Periodical List

Periodical List allows you to search all periodicals available at Alkek Library. Some titles are only available in print, some titles are only available online, and some titles are available in both formats. 

What if none of the databases listed give access to the year of your citation? Use Interlibrary Loan to request the article from a different library. They will scan and email the article to you within a few days.


Becoming Familiar with Your Topic

The following databases focus on current issues and trends in various disciplines. These databases provide articles on broad topics but are helpful in gaining context on particular topics. From there, you can use what you learn to conduct further research.