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Grant Funding Research: Grant Funding Databases

TXST University Libraries Databases


ExLibris offers a Pivot Youtube channel with videos that cover all aspects of the database.

Search Tips

Click "Advanced Search" to apply filters to a keyword search.


Other Searches available in PIVOT at the top include:

  • Profiles: Locate other researchers for possible collaboration. Pivot Youtube: Discovering Pivot Profiles
  • Conferences: You can search for conferences to attend but also possibilities to submit for presentation.
  • Awarded Grants: Offers detailed, comprehensive information about awarded grants. Use advanced search for more options such as searching by year, principal investigator, award value, award ID, or host institution. View detailed award information and in some cases it is possible to link to investigator profiles and current opportunities for recurring awards.

Top Right Sign In: In order to set up Alerts and and use Save Search, you have to set up a personal account in Pivot. Pivot Youtube: Updating Your Pivot Profile

  • New users need to first Create an Account using the Use Institutional Login Credentials. Under the Choose Your Institution pull-down menu that will display next, choose "Texas State University-San Marcos"
    ***This option may detect a profile already set up for you if you're a Texas State University faculty member. You may be offered the option to Claim the profile if it is in fact you.
  • Returning users will choose "Access via My Institution Login". Under the Choose Your Institution pull-down menu that will display next, choose "Texas State University-San Marcos" and click Sign In.
  • Once you set up your sign-in, click Your Profile after you're signed in and edit the information.
    If other researchers search under the Profiles tab, they may be able to find you for possible collaboration.
    • Add an email
    • Webpage
    • ORCid
    • Expertise (very important so that other researches can find you based on similar interests/expertise for possible collaboration)
    • Affiliations
    • Education
    • Keywords
    • Languages
    • Affiliations
    • Honors
    • In the left column, you can also add in Grants, Publications, Patents.

Other Profile Options: Preferences

  • Search: Here you can unmark the filters that are set up by TXST by default.
  • Notifications. You can set up how often you want to receive Notification updates as well as how. Options for how to receive Notifications can be via email but you have to make sure to check the Enabled box. You can also choose to receive no notifications and instead choose to log into PIVOT yourself and check Announcements, which is an option you'll see in the top right after you're logged in.
  • Proxies: You can assign one or more users access rights to manage your Pivot profile on your behalf. "Proxies" will have the same privileges as you do to edit the content of your profile. You may revoke a user's proxy privileges at any time. Click "Add a Proxy" to begin and search for the last name of the person you would like to make a proxy. If the person you would like to make a proxy is not yet a registered user, please instruct them to create an account.
  • Groups: TXST only displays the option for Personal Group. You can search names to add, add institution email, or add non-institution email (if that person has no access to Pivot through a university then they'll only have brief view-only access to group content). Creating and Managing Groups,

In order to use Saved Searches and keeping up with possible Tracked funding opportunities (Tracked Opps), you to have a Profile sign-in set up as explained in 2. Profile.

Saved Searches: 

Use your Tracked list for funding opportunities that are of interest to you. Manage your tracked list by receiving email alerts when there are important updates and creating tags to organize the list. Click on the Funding tab to begin searching and adding to Tracked or use the quick search in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Pivot searching works like other library databases you may have searched.

  • recognizes phrase searching using "Quotation Marks"
  • recognizes truncation in order to pick up variations of a word (i.e., COUNSEL* will pick up counsel, counselor, counseling)
  • allows for boolean searching, including OR. Records for each funding source have keywords assigned by funders. Check the full record for other terms you can try searching. On the left column in the search results of a search, also check Top keywords.

In addition to keyword searching, you can filter your search by the list of those displayed in Advanced Search. Note: once you are logged in, there are two filters that TXST has turned on as a default, but you can turn them off Activity Location Filter: United States OR Unrestricted as well as Citizenship Filter: United States OR Unrestricted.

Search results allow you to Track, Share (emailing or adding to a Group), Export a set of marked records. 

Foundation Directory

Click "Advanced Search & Filters" in the top right corner of the search page. Click "Additional Filters" to see the keyword option.