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FCS 1310: Foundations in Family & Consumer Sciences: Articles & Databases

This course guide was created for FCS 1310 (Foundations in FCS).

Article & Database Terms Q&A

What is a research database?
A research database is a searchable collection of thousands of articles, often organized by subject.

What is a scholarly journal?
A scholarly journal is a scholarly publication with multiple articles that is often subject specific or has a specific audience.  Sometimes referred to as a periodical, because they are published at regularly occurring intervals. 

Research Databases Overview

Use Research Databases to find articles on your topic.

  • Databases are electronic indexes that provide searchable "lists" of articles printed in journals, popular magazines, newspapers, or other items on almost any subject you can think of!
  • Databases can be searched by subject, title, and/or author
  • Many of the articles contain full-text, meaning that the actual article is available in the database, sometimes it is not and you have to look for it using our link source button, or the Periodical List, or you might even have to see if we have the print version of it available.

The library has over 500 databases and choosing one is the first step for successful searching. You can choose a research database by Subject, by Name, or by Type. Try a database particular to your subject for more advanced research in your subject area by using the databases listed under By Subject.

Periodical List

LinkSource checks our other databases to find a copy of your article in one of our other databases. Sometimes you'll see this image:


Biography Databases

What is the Periodical List?

Not every database contains the full text of every article. However, you may be able to find the full text in another of the library's databases. To find out where you can find a particular periodical online or in print, use the Periodical List.

(click on the image to see a larger version)

Suggested Websites


The following newspapers can be accessed through Newspaper Source Plus:

Austin-American Stateman
Dallas Morning News
New York Times
Washington Post

Suggested Databases