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MC 4386: Journalism Project: Public Records

This course guide is for Kym Fox's MC 4386 Senior Capstone course.

FOI Resources

Open Records Requests

Most public records are accessible. 

Not all online open records request systems track the progress of your request. If they do not, it is up to you to keep track.

Be specific about what you want to receive AND how you want to receive it.

Below are local government entities' pages you may need for making an open records request.


Census & Demographic Search

Research Databases



Alkek Library's online guides:

County Records Search

Looking for a different county? Try Googling the County + the type of information you're looking for.

Googling .gov sites

Government Website Searching

“global warming”

This will search for the exact phrase "global warming" only in U.S. Government websites.

State of Texas Records & Data

National Crime Statistics

The following links will take you to government sites with national statistics on criminal activity, including sex crimes and family violence.