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Dance History: Books

Research guide to help locate resources for dance history

Library Call Numbers for Dance

You can use these general call numbers for Dance subjects to browse the shelves upstairs.  The majority of Dance books will be in the 5th floor.

GV1587 - Terminology, Abbreviations, Notation
GV1588 - Philosophy and Theory
GV1589 -  Study and Teaching
GV1590-1594 - General Works
GV1596 - Pictorial Works
GV1597 - Dancing as a Profession
GV1600 - Criticism and Appreciation
GV1601 - History
GV1743 - National Dances. Folk dances and dancing
GV1751-1753.5 - Social Dancing. Ballroom Dancing
GV1763 - Square Dances. Quadrilles. Country Dances.
GV1781 - Theatrical dancing (including Broadway)
GV1783 - Modern Dance
GV1785-1786 - Biography
GV1787 - Ballet
GV1794 - Tap
GV1799 - Dance for children
M1450 - Dance Music (scores and DVDs)
M1520-1526 - Ballet music (scores and DVDs)
ML3400-3465 - Studies of dance music (books)
RM1450 - Dance Music (CDs)
RM1520-1526 - Ballet music (CDs)

Finding Dance Books

Number of Items Allowed: All Texas State University borrowers are allowed to check out a maximum of 100 items. Within that limit only 4 audio/visual materials, such as DVDs and CDs, may be borrowed at any one time.   

Graduate Students have a 6 month checkout period with 2 renewals. Renewals can be done online using or in person at the 3rd floor Checkout Desk of Alkek Library. Call 512.245.3681 to renew by phone.

Use the Library Catalog to search for print resources, multimedia resources, and ebooks. The Library Catalog also provides location and availability details. Use quotation marks for "phrase searching"


If we don't have a book you need, you have two ways to go about obtaining it.

  1. Inter-library Loan
    Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a Library borrowing service available to CURRENT Texas State students and employees. ILL borrows items from other libraries that the Alkek Library does not own.

    Michelle WilliamsLog in to ILLiad to make an Interlibrary Loan request.  As a student, faculty or staff member, you have an account already--you just have to activate it.

    This service is free to CURRENTLY enrolled Texas State students and employees. Typical turnaround for a book is 2 weeks.  Turnaround time for articles varies depending on format (hard copy or electronic) but averages 2 to 3 days. Be sure to build in that possible time in your assignment planning.

    Articles and materials are delivered to you, either online (if available) or in person at the library. If you check out a print book, you can turn it in at Alkek and it gets sent back to the lending library.

  2. TexShare

    Request a card online through this TexShare Card request form or sign up in person at the Checkout Desk. 

    • Texshare cards allow you borrowing privileges at many local libraries, including the following participating libraries.
    • All current students and employees are eligible.
    • Cards are valid for an entire semester.
    • Materials must be returned to the same library from which they were borrowed.
    • You are responsible for any charges for lost or damaged materials. 
    • Students that do not return items will have "holds" attached to their records that prevent you from registering for classes, obtain transcripts or grades, etc.
    • For questions about TexShare contact the Checkout Desk at 512.245.3681 or via email