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SPAN 3305: Dr. Locklin: Start Your Research

What Is the Start Your Research Tool?

  • This search tool is a quick way to start your research on a topic and see all the resources the library has to offer on it.
  • You can search for one topic, such as "photography". This would get you a list of all the library resources with the keyword "photography" mentioned in the entries in this system, which would be a lot!
  • Or you could do a search for "photography and history" without the quotes but with the word AND. This would get you all the resources that have entries in this system that have BOTH the words "photography" and "history".
  • Check the Full-Text (Online) box if you want quick access to a whole article, ebook, or other electronic resource on your topic.


Important note: Don't forget that there are about 600 other databases that you can use that might not be represented in Start Your Research. 

Start Your Research