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You'll find information about how to find books, search for articles, and about the many services Alkek has to offer you. Alkek Librarians are available to help you via Ask-A-Librarian.

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Getting Started | Background Information | Reference Material

Reference Material in the form of subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks typically provide background essays, definitions, broad overviews of various topics, or other pertinent facts. Online reference material can be searched via collections like Sage eReference.

Conduct an online search for two (2) current, peer-reviewed articles related to learning theory. You may select articles from a variety of areas that impact learning. These may include the following:

  • Brain-based learning (see Brain-Friendly Teaching book)
  • Social learning theory (e.g., cooperative learning, community building, etc.)
  • Motivation Theory (e.g., goal setting, self-regulation, etc.)
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching (e.g., teaching diverse learners)
  • Authentic Assessment (e.g., portfolios, on-going assessment, anecdotal records, kidwatching, etc.)
  • Curriculum Practices/Teaching Strategies that may optimize learning: Multiple Intelligences/Multimodal teaching
  • Inquiry learning/Discovery learning
  • Role playing/Simulations
  • Directed teaching
  • Guided instruction (guided reading/math)
  • Differentiated instruction