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HIST 5376: Local History: Home


This guide is designed to assist students enrolled in Professor Oram's  5376 History class.  It is not an exhaustive list of resources but, it is intended to provide suggestions for good starting points for research.


Looking for a needle in a haystack?  Here are some general suggestions-


  • Check obituaries for names of organizations your subject might have belonged to, they may have files.  
  • Consult archives collections to try to find any papers that may be available.
  • Find out if there were books written by or about your subject- don't forget about interlibrary loan (see "library services" tab above)
  • Check with local historical societies and public library local history collections in the area where your subject was located.


Interested in Texas State University History?

Here's a guide dedicated to resources related to the history of Texas State


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