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Tutorials for Instructors

Find instructions and how-to's for utilizing library resources in your classroom.

Welcome to Instructor Tutorials

Welcome to your Instructor Tutorials guide! These tutorials will help you utilize our online library resources in your classroom. Use the tabs on the left to navigate through the different platforms in which we offer a variety of resources. If you get stuck, you can ask your library instruction team for help directly or use the chat box below the navigation. 

Some of these instruction tutorials are created using Tango which allows you to walk through each instruction step by step. You can open the directions in a new tab using the "open larger" button in the top right of the Tango. 

Some tutorials are created using H5P which allows you to interact and engage with the content as you learn. If any of the H5P content is confusing or not working as it should, feel free to use the "I Am Confused" button in the bottom right of the H5P activity box so that we can fix it.