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Library Instruction in Canvas: LibGuides in Canvas

How the guides work in Canvas

By default, the guide that will show up in a canvas class under the heading "library guide" will be:

  1. If the Course Code in Canvas starts with a disciplinary prefix (SOWK), the guide that shows up will be the subject guide for that discipline  
  2. If there is a guide whose metadata matches with a course code more specifically, then that course guide will show up instead.
  3. In the instance when an instructor has changed their course code, such that no guide metadata matches the course code, then the default Canvas guide will appear under "Library guide" 

Customizing the guide in Canvas

Youtube demo - it's the same as above, but presented slightly differently. Different questions may be answered.

Troubleshooting Information for Faculty

Not seeing the "Library Guide" in Navigation?

While Library Guides are on as default setting, if you've copied an old or customized course, it may have been disabled. 

Enabling the "Library Guide" LTI:

  1. In Canvas, under Courses, choose your course.
  2. Choose "Settings", then "Navigation"
  3. In the lower list of options, find "Library Guide"
  4. Either drag "Library Guide" to the top list where you want, or choose the option menu next to it and choose "Enable"
  5. Drag the "Library Guide" link to the place in the list representing where you want it in your Canvas menu.

"Library Guide" not showing the right guide?

For the "Library Guide" to link to your course or subject guide, your "Course Code" in Canvas needs to be set to your course name in the format "XXX ####". You can have anything after that, but you must have that at the beginning.

Changing your Course Code:

  1. In Canvas, under Courses, choose your course.
  2. Choose "Settings"
  3. Under "Course Details", enter your "Course Code" in the format "XXX #### with anything you need afterward"
    • Samples: ENG 1310 Dr. Smith, CS 2315 Computer Ethics, PS 3340.134 Bowker

Troubleshooting Information for Librarians

Q: The wrong guide is showing up in my class!

A: No problem. Get the "Course Code" from  Canvas and follow the instructions to *ADD* it to the  Guide Metadata for the guide  you'd like to show up in that course.  You can have an unlimited number of entries in the "Custom Metadata".

A: Still not working? Check that the guide you're wanting to show up is PUBLISHED. It must be a published (non-private) guide.

Q: I  want some of my classes to go to one guide and some to go to  another.

A: In each  guide, put the "Course Codes" for the courses that should  point  to that guide. Each should be a separate entry. Hint: Use the course name/number with spaces and without  (i..e. ENG1320 and  ENG 1320)

Q: There's not even a "Library Guide" link in my class.

A: It could be  an older course template or  the faculty  member may have hidden it when they didn't know what it was.  It can be enabled in Course Settings  - Navigation. This process is shown in the video above.

Instructions for getting a specific guide in Canvas

  1. You need the  "Course Code" from Canvas. Find this under  Course  Information.
    • In  Canvas, under  Courses,  choose your course
    • Choose "Settings"
    • Under  "Course Details" find the "Course code"".
  2. Go to the  LibGuide that you want  to show up in that course, and sign in  to edit it.
  3. Click  on Settings on the top and choose  "Guide Metadata"
  4. Click the "Custom Metadata" tab
  5. Under  Name where it says "Empty", click  and type  lti
    • ( lowercase LTI)
  6. Under Value, where it says "Empty",  click  and type the  exact information from "Course Code"
  7. You're  done!! That's it!!

Watch the  video on this  LibGuide for more instructions and information if you need it!