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REC 4371: Application of Evidence-Based Practice in Therapeutic Recreation: Home

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Each student will have a case study patient and will be specifically looking for articles related to a specific disability, Spina Bifida as an example. Students will then then identify two interventions to compare for best outcome. The two interventions the class has focused on with the Spina Bifida example include "Community Outings" (they can help with other search terms like community reintegration outing, Community Based Therapy, Social Engagement, social skills building/learning/development/training [may be best to just search "social skills"], Field Trips) and  self-esteem building" (self-confidence, self-esteem, self-empowerment [based on results, consider searching "empowerment"], etc).

Each student will develop a list of search terms: *check Subjects in the article records and left column in Start Your Research search results; Author Keywords in articles; keep an eye on the search box drop-down list of suggested terms.

Topic Areas:

Are hamstring strengthening programs effective at decreasing the risk of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in high school female athletes?

Patient/Population: HS female athletes
Intervention: hamstring strengthen program
Comparison/Control: NA
Outcome: ACL injury
Time: NA

Is pain neuroscience education an effective intervention for decreasing pain and disability in people with persistent musculoskeletal health conditions? 

Patient/Population: persistent/chronic musculoskeletal conditions
Intervention: pain neuroscience education
Comparison/Control: NA
Outcome: pain and disability
Time: NA

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