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Serial Set Guide from Proquest: Home

The Serial Set includes over 300,000 U.S. Government titles and is a gold mine of primary source materials for research and study.

What's it all about?

Many historians, political scientists, and other researchers  consider the Serial Set the most historically significant collection of U.S. government documents ever published.   The set includes over 300,000 titles and is a gold mine of primary source material on a wide range of topics.  Whether you are interested in History, Politics, maps, wildlife, the environment, or anything in between, the Serial Set has something for you.  Now that access is as close as our databases page!!   Most of the information in this guide is provided by  Proquest,   the company which produces the Serial Set online. 

Take a look at the tabs to learn much more about what is in the Serial Set and how it is organized.

A couple of things to remember about the Serial Set here at the Alkek Library.

 If you have questions about using the Serial Set  please ask our government information staff for assistance, contact information on the right of this page.