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These tutorials will help you improve your research skills and assist you in every step of the research process. You'll be able to interact and engage with the content as you learn. If any of the content is confusing or not working as it should, feel free to use the "I Am Confused" button at the bottom right of the activity box so that we can fix it.

Getting Started | Background Information

Reference Material in the form of subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks typically provide background essays, definitions, broad overviews of various topics, or other pertinent facts.  One collection of eReference titles is Sage eReference

Other titles social work students may find helpful include:

Encyclopedia of Social Work
Oxford Bibliographies: Social Work


Homelessness ; Healthcare/Medical Social Work ; Child Welfare ; Mental Health ; Foster Care ; Substance Abuse ; Family Law ; healthcare and latino immigrants ; homelessness ; direct social work practice ; racial justice

Tying your topic to "policy/law/legislation"

Tying your topic to "treatment/intervention/therapy/rehabilitation"?

Assignment: 20 page proposal with at least 5 peer-reviewed articles cited. If you are citing numbers, make sure the source was published no more than 10 years ago.

Analyzing the psychosocial effects of the death penalty process on women 

  • death row or capital punishment or death row
  • women or females
  • psychosocial

The Effects of Substance Abuse and Violence on Women's Mental Health

  • substance abuse or substance use or drug abuse or drug addiction or drug use 
  • women or females
  • mental health or well being or emotional health or psychological health

Physical harm of youth who overindulge in social media use and trends

  • youth or adolescents or young people or teen or young adults or children
  • social media or facebook or twitter or instagram or snapchat or social networking or tiktok or youtube
  • physical harm or exploitation

Domestic violence/ Sexual violence in female college students

  • domestic violence or domestic abuse or intimate partner violence or sexual violence or sexual trauma
  • women or females
  • college students or university students / higher education or college or university 

mental health (college students, POC) / gender identity and self care 
SSW and School to Prison Pipeline and BIPOC population / Substance Abuse, youth, low income 
STI's in young adults / Impact of virtual sex work on young adults  
Adolescent Domestic abuse & mental health
child life in the healthcare setting   

older adults and their life satisfactions   
Individuals/children with I/DD
Social Workers turn over rate
healthcare disparities on low income families 
high school students/low income 
Child Welfare: Educational attainment of children of color based on socioeconomic background / Children of color/education
abuse within the older adult population


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