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Sustainability Studies: Welcome!

Other Useful Guides for Graduate Students


About the Sustainability Studies Program: 

The Texas State graduate program in Sustainability Studies is 36-39 hours, M.S. or M.A., with options for thesis or non-thesis tracks.

The graduate degrees in sustainability studies prepare committed leaders to address emerging sustainability issues. When you complete this program you will have the technical skills to formulate and solve problems, as well as the breadth of vision to recognize the interconnectedness and complexity of human-environment systems.

For full program information, see the Sustainability Studies website. 

This guide was developed to support the Sustainability Studies program at Texas State University. 

Included is information on the following:

  • About the program
  • Research Centers
  • Library Research Databases
  • Professional and Academic Assoc.
  • Conferences in the Discipline
  • Library Services and how to get help

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