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Links and resources that promote National Voter Registration Day, voting at Alkek Library, and general voter literacy.

About National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is an organization that recognizes the importance of voting and democracy. In 2019, Alkek Library participated in National Voter Registration Day to educate and register voters in their communities. Library staff who participated in the event were able to register more than 160 people to vote and interact with 150+ more students who had questions about voting.

This is a nonpartisan, civic-minded event. For more information about National Voter Registration Day, refer to their website here


The Pros of Registering to Vote at your Library...

  • Staff who register voters have gone through training and taken a test authorized by the Texas Secretary of State
  • Bringing convenience and troubleshooting directly to students
  • Students can vote on campus, so they need to be able to register to vote on campus as well
  • Library staff are experienced with helping students locate reliable and legitimate information 
  • Staff that can register voters are able to assist with the voter registration process (and clarify which questions don't have to be answered on your voting application.)
  • Hosting a voting event at the library opens up the opportunity to collaborate with Student Government, and empower students when it comes to civic engagement and conversation.
  • Staff that are volunteer deputy registrars are able to take student applications directly to the government building in their county. This provides more efficiency and convenience to students who decide to register with us.undefined



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