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Developmental Education: Finding Articles

Search Tips

Search by keywords/phrases and use Boolean searching

AND: "adult education" AND program
 "developmental studies" OR remedial OR "developmental education" 

Using "Quotation Marks" searches words as a phrase. 

Limit search results by Date and Peer-Reviewed journals.   

Truncation searches variations of a word by using the asterisk * symbol. 
"ADULT LEARN*" will retrieve: adult learner, adult learning, adult learners, etc.   

Check Subject terms to see if there are any synonym terms to consider.

Periodical List Search

When searching for the full text of an article, First, search the "title of an article" (enclosed in "quotation marks") in Start Your Research on the Library Homepage.

If you're unable to locate the fulltext by doing a title search, next double-check in Periodical List (PL). PL is a searchable list of print/online journals accessible through the University Libraries. If the Library does not have print/online access to a journal you need an article from, request a copy of the article via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The example below shows that The Journal of Continuing Higher Education is accessible in print/microform as well as online.  The entry also shows coverage dates to indicate which years are accessible. 

► Not every journal is available in both Print/Microform as well as Online ◄


Developmental Education Journals