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CS 2315: Computer Ethics: Getting started

This course guide was created for Dr. Vicki Almstrum's CS 2315 Computer Ethics course

Getting to know your topic

Background research is how you learn about your general topic. Below are some resources and strategies for you.  Background research tells you:

  • what is generally known about a topic, or
  • what is generally known about individual parts of your topic, or
  • what is generally known about the current conversation about your topic*. 

*This is not the deep dive into very specific journal articles.  This is much broader, and tells you more about your general topic - that way you know how to narrow down your research question to something that's a college-level research topic.

Topic Info: Library Resources

And here are some good topical encyclopedias and handbooks (they're ebooks!) that are not in Credo Reference:

Strategy: Focus Points

As you do your background reading make a checklist of things you need to focus on, things you need to look up, because you don't know much about them, and also key words to add to your strategy.

When everything has been checked off, you're probably ready to start putting ideas together into words.

Image shows break down topic into related concepts and synonyms.

Topic Info: Outside Resources

Finding the right topic for your research paper can be tough!  But don't be afraid to look outside the box for interesting topics...and if you have a question about a website, ask me.  I'm happy to help.

See what other scholars and professionals are doing. Check out these podcasts.                                    

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