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LS 5370: Advanced Legal Research & Writing: General Information

Other Useful Guides


Library Catalog: The catalog lists all materials accessible via Texas State University libraries,  such as books, kits, models, games, DVDs, etc.  It also has ebooks and streaming video and audio.  It does not have any articles.  The catalog will show you the location of the item, the call number, and if it is available or not.

Research Databases: These databases are mostly collections of scholarly journal articles, but some are not.  Some contain newspaper articles, datasets, etc.  We have organized the databases by title, by subject, and by type. 

Peer-Reviewed Articles: These are articles that have been reviewed for publication in scholarly journals by experts in the field.  It is a level of quality control.  Most of our databases have a checkbox that lets you limit the result to only peer-reviewed journals.

Periodical List: This is a list of all of the periodicals that library subscribes to.  Periodicals means that it is published periodically, such as four times a year, once a month, daily, etc.  You can search for the title of a magazine, journal, or newspaper and find all of the databases it is in.  Be sure to look at the dates available.

Ask-A-Librarian: Librarians are here to answer your questions.  For every major, there is a librarian assigned to that major.  On the library homepage, there is a link where you can chat with a librarian, email, or make a research consultation appointment.

Great Database for Encyclopedias/Reference Books


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