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COVID-19: Archive Your Experience


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Archive Your Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic is history happening now and your experiences are important to telling this story. The Texas State University Libraries and University Archives are collecting stories that show how our students, faculty, staff, and community neighbors have experienced and documented the events as they unfold. We want to hear from you! Please consider uploading your personal documentation to our project. We are accepting all types of files - documents, PDFs, videos, photographs. If you have a physical item or a file we cannot accept through our online form, please contact the University Archives: 


Your voice will ensure that these experiences are not lost to history. You may feel like your voice is not important enough to be captured for future historians, but examples from our collections on the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918 demonstrate how perspectives were documented and that every voice is essential to telling a story. Our goal is to marry the voices of the past with the voices of today in an exploration of the human experience. Whether you are keeping a journal, taking photographs of empty streets or new signage on businesses, or creating paintings, poetry, or songs, we want to hear about it and preserve it for future generations. We are experiencing history in the making and want to hear from you.


Answer a few of our brief prompts (as many or as few as you'd like), answer some quick questions about yourself, and agree to our submission requirements--then you're all set!  


Feel free to submit this form as many times as you like and thank you for sharing your stories.



Note: If you interview other people in the course of your documentation, we will also need their permission to preserve and share the recordings for future researchers. Please have any friends, family, or community members involved in your storytelling also complete the submission form. Only one person will need to attach the files to the form and co-creators can simply fill in their information along with a description of the materials. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Please see the resources offered by the Texas State University Counseling Center: 

1918 Influenza and COVID-19 Personal Accounts

tired nurse with face mask, gloves, and head cover from San Salvatore hospital in Italy

Alberto Giuliani / CC BY-SA (