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HON 3399 - Hell Across Cultures: 3 - Primary Sources

3: Primary Sources

Step 3: Follow clues in your background information to primary sources.  Did you find...

  • A specific passage that refers to hell in a text that's central to a religious tradition?
  • A person - an author, mystic, artist, or other - who wrote or created something about hell that was influential within a religious tradition?
  • An event that includes information about hell within a religious tradition?

Any of these can be helpful in hunting down primary sources in the library catalog.  A simplified "how to" in the boxes left and right below.

The box at the bottom of the screen has other primary source databases that are not necessarily searched with Start Your Research.

Which Primary Sources?

This search for Hell in the Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World shows specific passages from the Qur'an and what they talk about. 

Finding Primary Sources...

Know which primary source you need?  Click on the Catalog button...

Image of the library search bar with the Catalog button highlighted.


...then choose Title from the dropdown menu, put the title in the search bar, and click the Search button.  Then start looking through your results!

Image showing a catalog search for the Quran

Other Primary Source Databases