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TH 5315: Material Culture 20th & 21st Century: Accents & Dialects

Course guide for Dr. Ana Martinez's course in MATERIAL CULTURE 20 & 21 CENTURY

Media Collections at Alkek

If you are looking for audio recordings or videos of plays, you can search the Library Catalog by the play title, by author, or by main actor. 

Media content (videos, cassettes, DVDs, and CDs) at Alkek can be found on the 3rd floor.

Checking out Media

You might also consider checking out films from Alkek's media collection to listen to various dialects and accents as well. 

Search the catalog to see if we have a certain film in our collections.

Loan periods for Media range from 1 week to 2 weeks

Accents & Dialects

Check the Library Catalog for more Accent and Dialect tapes and books

You might also want to search by Region or by Dialect name.

Here is a list of selected Accent and Dialect resources in different formats.

Streaming Video Accent/Dialect Resources

Search Films on Demand, a database of streaming video in various topics, for Accent & Dialect resources.