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HA 5301 Healthcare Administration Research Methods: FINDING MORE ARTICLES


There are a couple of ways to find additional articles:

1.  Check the Bibliography of articles relevant to your research.

2.  Citation Chasing

Citation Chasing

Citation Chasing involves finding articles that have cited an article of interest.  There are a two ways to do this on the library website:

1.  Google Scholar

2. Web of Science

Citation Chasing using Google Scholar

1. Access Google Scholar on the Databases page.

2.  Search for the title of the original article (or do a keyword search).

3.  On the results page, click the "Cited by" link underneath the description of the article(s).

4. It's possible that one or some of the articles on the "Cited by" results list may be useful to your research.

Screenshot of Google Scholar article search with the "Cited by" link highlighted.

Citation Chasing using Web of Science

1.  Access the database Web of Science on the Databases page.

2.  Do a title search for the article title (you can also do a topic search if you don't have a specific article identified).

Screenshot of an article title search in the database Web of Science


3.  On the results page, click the Citations link to retrieve a list of articles that have cited the original article.

Screenshot of results page in the database Web of Science with the Citations link highlighted.