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Avoiding Plagiarism: Methods of Avoiding Plagiarism

This guide was created to explain plagiarism and also provide useful tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

3 Simple Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

When you are writing your paper, you can use several ways to present information you have found in the body of your paper, and consciously avoid plagiarizing.

  1. Direct quote -- If you want to use a sentence or a passage exactly as it was written, you can include a direct quote, surrounded by quotation marks, and either using an inline citation, or a sentence before the quote referencing the author and work of origin.
  2. Summary -- You can also write a summary (in your own words of course) of the ideas or text you want to use. It helps to write the summary from your memory rather than looking directly at the passage.
  3. Paraphrase -- Paraphrasing is similar to a summary. It just means taking what you have read and rewriting it in your own words.

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