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Collection Development Guide: Health & Human Performance: Program Purpose and Description

This guide provides collection development information to HHP faculty and faculty representatives.

Program Mission

Through effective and innovative teaching, research, and service that is clearly focused on the most useful, valuable, and successful professional practices of wellness, recreation, exercise science, athletic training, health and physical education, the Department of HHP produces graduates who are life-long learners that model healthy behaviors both personally and professionally. The Department also strives to promote health, wellness, physical activity, and recreation throughout the University and surrounding communities by administering and coordinating the Personal Fitness and Wellness component of the University’s core curriculum and by developing and implementing innovative, evidence-based programs designed to address emerging local, state and national health and quality-of-life concerns.

The Department of Health and and Human Performance at Texas State University is a leader in preparing students for careers in adult fitness, athletic training, health and wellness promotion, physical education, and recreation administration. The department is also a national leader with a rigorous and diverse  Physical Fitness and Wellness (PFW) program of activity courses for all Texas State students. Many of our majors go on to graduate or professional training (kinesiology, medicine, physical or occupational therapy). Our faculty are nationally and internationally known for their research in athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, health, physical education, and recreation administration.

Undergraduate Programs | Students prepare for these careers and advanced study in four majors. Texas teacher certification is offered in Physical Education through Exercise and Sports Science and Health Education through Health and Wellness Promotion.

Graduate Programs 

  • Master of Science in Athletic Training
  • Master of Science in Public Health Education and Promotion
  • Master of Science in Exercise & Sports Science Graduate Programs
  • Master of Science in Recreation & Leisure Services Recreation-Management
  • Master of Science in Recreation & Leisure Services-Therapeutic Recreation

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